I am available to do occasional talks at Photographic, Wildlife or Other Societies within reasonable travelling distance of my home on the Suffolk/Essex border. Unless stated below, Talks are generally of wildlife photographed in sites available to all, though not necessarily nature reserves. Most talks are about 90-100 minutes, in two parts, but a few are shorter. Please note that I am not at the moment talking bookings for Talks delivered via Zoom and the like.

A Wildlife Tour of East Anglia - This takes a look at a number of sites open to the public in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and a bit of Cambridgeshire.

The Falkland Islands - A Wildlife Photographer's Paradise - This is based on two trip to the Falkland Islands where although there are not a huge number of species, many of them are present in large numbers and very confiding.

British Wildlife Near and Far - a mix of local wildlife plus parts of Scotland and elsewhere in the UK

Wildlife Photography- this talk is aimed primarily at photographers in the early stages of their wildlife photography journey, with more hints & tips and things to think about and includes my analysis of some of my images, positive and negative

Arctic and Sub-Arctic Wildlife - Mammals, flowers and birds from Svalbard and Birds from Iceland

Wildlife of Ethiopia and In Search of Tigers - two short talks probably more suited to Wildlife Groups rather than Camera Clubs

Along The Stour - Wildlife along my local river/estuary and the Shotley Peninsula - this is Talk lasting a little under 60 minutes

Wildlife on Foot - photos from my garden and the fields & lanes round about. Another Talk lasting up to 60 minutes and could be combined with 'Along the Stouir'

Wildlife in the Pandemic - Photos from 2020 and early 2021, mostly very local and one of my few Talks to include private sites.

Low Carbon Wildlife Photography - another look at 'My Patch'

Passion for Wildlife - mostly but not all local but all within Britain. Includes many photos from private sites

9 December 2021: Suffolk Wildlife Trust Ipswich LG - British Wildlife Near & Far
4 February 2022: RSPB Lowestoft LG - Arctic & Sub-arctic Wildlife
12 April 2022: Wayland & District Photo Club - Wildlife Tour East Anglia
21 July 2022: Lawford Horticultural Society - Along the Stour
13 October 2022: Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Blyth Valley & Southwold) - Arctic & Sub-Arctic Wildlife